Slimes Demo 2 will be out later this month!

I've been making a bunch of steady progress in the last few days, so I'm confident in saying that Slimes' second demo will be done before the end of the month! I'm confident in the writing and gameplay, so I'm mainly just adding more art to the game!

Along with the stuff I mentioned in the last update, I've changed the difficulty modifier stuff, because some people thought that it wasn't effective (especially with the pre-Rage cheesing players can do). Instead, I've added an easy mode where Julius and Healer will be forcibly equipped with weapons that boost their attack, defense and speed, ensuring that nothing will be a threat if you just want to coast through for the story!

Shout outs to @farawaythyer/Far Away Times for testing this out! Check out his stuff, I really liked Facets and Her Lullaby!

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