Gameplay changes to expect in final version

Hey folks, it's now February, so I thought that I should share a general update! I'm still aiming for a release this month, but there's some stuff going on at my end so no promises! Now, you might be wondering: "hey, are there going to be any gameplay differences outside of the new content?" So, I decided to compile all the changes, even if I mentioned them before:

  • Reloading no longer resets ammo count. A Full Reload skill has been added outside of battle that reloads all your weapons - mind your gun maintenance, folks.
  • Equip menu removed (good bye flavor text :( ).
  • Most single enemy buffs now targets whole group because I want enemies to be ruder.
  • Melting Slime's heal also removes negative status effects on top of it.
  • A lot of moves now have cooldowns added so that you can't just spam it; especially with the endgame skills.
  • Nobody is immune to bleed or stun anymore, including bosses and Julius' stun and Healer's bleed skill are now guaranteed to inflict it. In return, everyone gains temporary immunity to those  ailments for a few turns after recovering (credit to Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass).
  • Was the Trance skill in the demo? Anyway, it's now replaced by Self-Preservation, which increases the Healer's defense in return for lowering Julius' accuracy.
  • Now actually keeping track of the number of encounters you killed; currently trying to find out if a playthrough where you only fight required slimes is possible.
  • Slimes inflicted with Rage gets a second permanent effect, Fury, after a few more turns to force people to stop stalling.

Here's to a good month!

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