A downloadable game

This game is not by me. This was made back in 2016 by a developer that wishes to be anonymous until they make a better version of the game. This is an old, deleted game that I had saved to my Dropbox that I'm posting for archival purposes.

Vaporwave Simulator is a game made in RPG Maker 2003, with its aesthetics jokingly and sincerely based off the vaporwave trend a few years ago. You are "You," and you lost your sunglasses, and you can't be hip with the trends without your sunglasses. Though, there's something more serious in the weirdness if you dig deeper...

The downloads include the original version of the game that was in my Dropbox and a new version (labeled Alt) that I republished through my copy of RPG Maker 2003 in case the original doesn't work for you. 


VaporSim.zip 162 MB
VaporSim Alt.zip 175 MB


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What a coincidence that I just started looking for this mere minutes ago and saw that this was put here on itch.io just 12 hours ago (by the time I'm posting this)! It makes me happy to be able to play this game again. I hope to hear more from the creator eventually.