Version 1.3

Hopefully this will be the last small update before I start working on the next part of the game in earnest. Let me know where else I fucked up so that I can get those fixed.

  • New content: the clinic now has a function where you can donate blood for quick money. Sacrifice 100 Max HP of a character for an easy $100!
  • New content: the building that's next to the bus stop at the pier is now an alternative restaurant. While it costs $25 a character to eat in, everyone that eats will also gain 40 Max HP.
  • Mysterious new content...
  • Edited a bunch of dialogue so that characters that aren't in the party yet don't talk.
  • Added more items to the low tier 2nd stratum chest payouts.
  • Added a few more artifacts.


I Hate You, Please Suffer Basic- 1.3 no 113 MB
Nov 04, 2021
I Hate You, Please Suffer Basic- 1.3 RTP Direct Install.exe 299 MB
Nov 04, 2021
I Hate You, Please Suffer Basic - 1.3 302 MB
Nov 04, 2021

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Just listing it here- the chat in front of the manor doesn't seem to have had a check in place to make sure it doesn't appear when you haven't obtained the third member like the rest do!

Ah, thank you, I was just gonna post an update in a few hours, so I'm glad this got caught in time!

mysterious content...seems pretty mysterious to me