Version 1.2


Heya, this is a much smaller update that's mainly geared toward fixes. So, here's the full changelog. Saves from version 1.1 will probably be compatible since there weren't any drastic changes, so just copy-paste that into the new folder!

  • I thought I did lower the cost of hints. I didn't actually do that. I'm sorry. So that's fixed now.
  • Because it's harder to acquire souls in the later versions of the game (in the demo, they were a guaranteed drop from the Sewer Wrath Slime, which made them easy to farm), the number of souls you need to advance Trish's sidequest is lowered.
  • Lowered magic attack of Sewer Slime But Purple a bit because I admit that it's a bit rude for the early game.
  • The longer phone calls with Ramona's parents now play in fixed locations while there's a better variety of shorter ones for the random phone calls. I will also point out that the variety grows depending on the party members you have. (Thanks for the suggestion sixtoes!)
  • Fixed flags in the "Monster Trafficking" sidequest (thanks Skirmisher!).


I Hate You, Please Suffer - Basic 1.2 302 MB
Oct 13, 2021
I Hate You, Please Suffer - Basic (RTP) 302 MB
Sep 30, 2021

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Deleted 116 days ago

thank you for this

(1 edit)

no problem

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pog (i also cant figure out how to full screen the game 😔)

I STILL CANT CONTINUE EVEN THOUGH I SAVE  (maybe i gotta save multiple times ig???)


Sorry for the late reply! I’m actually wondering, what version of the game are you playing? If you don’t already have the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP downloaded, make sure to have to be playing the RTP version.

And also, what platform are you playing on? I’m not sure if it’d work correctly on a Mac.

i am playing on 1.2 and my laptop is lenovo witch isnt really mac or windows

and its rtp

Honestly? I have no idea what’s going on. Is it possible to send me your files to see if the problem happens on my end?