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really good. very well written. love how it deals and goes in depth about cults. surely one of the best games i played this year. a game i'll preserve in my memory

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Great playthrough.


Congratulations on 9th place in the People's Choice in the IGMC! I'd say the rating is well deserved as this game feels like the most accurate, believable and frightening portrayals of what a cult actually is like! I am definitely recommending this game to anyone who wants to look at hour-long drama RPG's.

i haven't had the chance to check out a lot of the IGMC games, but if this isn't decidedly one of the best entries then i must be really missing out

absolute masterpiece in merging story and battle mechanics together, and also making me Feel Emotions that i forgot i had

this is good.


"It's a Drakengard inspired game about depression." I like your style and will definitely be checking this out-


Good luck in the contest! 


Impressive and expressive writing and storytelling, with well balanced battles. Wish you all the best! ^^


I've never cried over a game before, but this, this made me sob, 100% love this game.

love this game but I can't defeat the dragon T-T, does anyone one have any idea how to?


Make sure you use those skills; as the healer, Ty should get priority when healing is needed. I recommend that you take down the soldier when it shows up as soon as possible, since they buff everyone’s attack.


thank you so much, i did it! 


Wow, this was very good. As someone who has a personal experience of religious trauma (though nowhere near what the protagonist experienced), I related a lot to the sense of internal struggle as they began to want to be a part of the real world and connect with people outside of the cult, their feelings of worthlessness as a result of being told to feel that way by authority figures in the cult, and the intense scrupulosity. While the cults in this game were of the fantastic sort, they still addressed aspects of the real world experiences of cult members and those who leave cults that most games and other media don't address. This humanizes survivors of abusive/high-control religious groups. Thanks for making this! 

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can always count on you for a good jrpg deconstruction. this was an intense emotional journey in a tight timeframe, very affecting, great use of the tools of the medium - and some of my favorite artwork. the mc's portrait is just devastating

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Loved this one; tough final fight(s) but some of your most expressive storytelling yet. Simple but powerful ending too.