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A Gang of Weirdos is a game made in RPG Maker MV for myfirstgamejam so that I could better learn the engine. It's extremely scuffed and I'm unable to update it again because I lost the source files, but maybe you'll still think it's neat.

Worlds in the universe die in a spiritual sense when an apocalyptic scenario occurs and it leaves behind a soul. If the world soul is charged up, it can revive the world and the people that have died; however, the only way to do that is to recover other world souls from other dying worlds.

You play as someone that calls themselves Mx.Gunslinger, who is on a quest to save their dead world by recovering other world souls, meeting weirdos and friends and weird friends along the way.

The game can be completed between one and two hours. Have fun I guess. And please, let me know about any bugs you may find!


v 1.1

  • Heartbreak61's difficulty plug-in implemented - 3 difficulties available
  • New title screen
  • New music for two areas
  • Item icons
  • Other minor fixes
Updated 8 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsJRPG, RPG Maker


A Gang of Weirdos v1.0.zip 167 MB
A Gang of Weirdos v 1.1.zip 169 MB

Install instructions

Uh, okay, just hit the download button I guess and unzip the folder. I suggest 7zip as an extraction thing but you do you.

Remember to download the latest version!


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The moment I saw that dance shoes were in there for Herb's items I almost teared up w delight I love these characters so much....

WHOO HOOO I'm not the only one using MV! Do you mind if I live stream on Twitch with my friends as I play this?

No, I'd actually be honored!!



if you want to watch a recording of the livestream here it is!

Also my new life goal is to become a cactus.

I'm glad that you seem to be liking the game so far!

And yes it seems that everyone that's played so far loves Herb.

I may also end up recording this for my YouTube. Is that fine?

Sure, as long as you can link the game for people that are interested!